WE'RE DOING DECEMBER! Whether you pre-plan your December Daily or create as you go along in the Christmas month; make your own covers or decorate ready-made ones, use Project Life style with plastic sleeves and pockets or create your own pages. Maybe you havent made one before and ask 'I cant think what I'd fill a page with everyday?' We'll help with that! Whatever your style we'd love to see it! Here you will find a seasonal blog open from 1st November to 31st January each year. We hope that this will become a wonderful resource of sharing, prompts and inspiration.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Deb's Inside Cover story......

The art journal I'm using this year for my December Daily pretty much has two covers, an outside main cover and the actual front cover of the journal itself.  So I have decided to leave the outside cover for now and concentrate on the journal cover.  Two reasons for this, one is that I am a bit concerned that the outside cover is going to get a bit messy as my December Daily progresses (I usually make a huge mess on my table when using paints, mists etc and will probably end up putting the book down in a pile of paint) and secondly, as I am not planning any particular colour scheme/theme type of thing, I wanted to wait until it is all done and will have more of an idea of what I want for the overall cover.........maybe something very simple if I have gone a bit extreme on the inside lol.  The envelope on the opposite side of the journal can wait too until it's purpose has been properly decided.

This is it's 'before' look and the first thing to decide is what to do with the red binding, unsure if I wanted it there or not.

So with decision made,  I wouldn't completely cover it, just disguise it a little.  I covered the kraft cover with  some Kaisercraft "kaleidoscope" paper.  It had an interesting background pattern that I wanted to show through but lost some of it in the process along the way.  After a very light and random coat of white gesso, then adding some stamping (script, stars and a few very crooked trees)  you can still see that great background pattern at this stage.

To try and bring the red colour across the cover from the binding side, I used a red inktense block,  rubbed it on and then brushed over with water.  Then did a bit with a green inktense block, taking it onto the red binding and also rubbed on some teal mist in patches. Baby wipes came in handy to wipe it all back a bit to reveal a bit more of the white gesso.  A few splatters with orange, black and teal mists and it was starting to feel like I was heading in the right direction.

For my title........the "welcome" is some rub on alphas and the "DECEMBER" is negatives of old alpha stickers backed with a scrap of black paper.   (I ended up wiping up some of the oversprays/spills from the cover with these newly created alphas so the white background ended up coloured).

A quick and easy Christmas tree cut from the reverse side of the Kaisercraft background paper - in rough triangles, stitched, sanded, glued together AND then came the doodling with white pen. Add in kindy glitz to some of the stars, colour in the others and then some bright green drops circled around in black pen.  Oh, the stitching along the binding is a rub on and the baubles on the tree are just cut with a 2 hole punch.  The extra circling around the baubles gives them a bit of height.

With that done,  I decided to make a continuation of the cover (replacing a title page) on the inside.   I can't ever remember using the gesso resist technique before so gave it a go and loved it, but seriously need some practice, also need to anchor the pages down with a paper clip on both edges. I tore off part of the page (on the right below) first so that the 'December 1st' page (when completed) will partially peek out.  Stars are stamped in black stazon ink and used the white gesso to stamp the words "This way"  along with the masked chevrons and rectangle things.

When it was dry, I sprayed with  a few different mists and dabbed with some paper towel to reveal the gesso.  I definitely think I needed the gesso to be a lot thicker on my stamps.  Never mind, I will be trying this again and practice makes perfect so they say.

After drying again, I rubbed on some green gelato in patches and started outlining some areas. Finishing with a script stamp, a few sparkly stars and some red, black and green mist splatters

and I'm ready to go.
  (I did glue the first page to the inside cover so that it opens straight to this page.)


How is everyone going with their December Dailys?........are they underway  or are they all done and waiting anxiously for 1st December?.........I know all of us here at Let's December Daily certainly are excited to welcome December.

We would love for you to share your creations with us.


Monday, 17 November 2014

It's a Tweet Christmas

After covering my December Daily album with fabric, I felt it needed a name.  And seeing that I bought a bird print fabric along with the red gingham, and with plans of using a bird die and other birds throughout the album, I just couldn't go past having a play on words and titling my album "Tweet Christmas Memories."

So here is my fabric-cover for this year.

The inside of the cover is lined with a piece of red card to hide the folded over gingham fabric but still it looked a little bare, though not for long.  In my stash of December Daily supplies, were some Kaisercraft Christmas-themed Project Life style cards and they were just the thing. With a little paint, a few embellies, stickers and some trimming, I created some festive patches.

Here they are before going onto the inside of the album cover.

And now on the inside of the album cover.

I had fun creating my little Christmas patches and I will be making more to use in my album. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mandy's Covers

This is probably the most exciting part of the whole December Daily process so far- the covers!
It gives us a glimpse into what style and what to expect inside our December Daily's!

If you've read my preparation post,
you'll know there are two books to decorate....(sigh.... lol - how fun!)
One being the December Daily, and the other a smaller almost matching book which is going to be the 'Companion' to my December Daily (30 days of lists) - an experiment this year!
I started with these:

Let's begin with the December Daily book first...

It's a bit bumped and bruised from its life time of obvious use...
 and when using a vintage book to alter - this may be what you might find...

 Some gold book corners to the rescue.....

Then the spine needed some drastic measures:
 (Even more evidence it has definitely been a much loved read and constantly re-read book)

So with a matching piece of ribbon and some fabric glue...
......fixed that problem...

 Then it was about getting the cover decorated!!

I love a 'door' effect!   And these Prima ones are perfect!
Love the shape of them, kinda sympathetic to the era of the book

Out came the gold and blue paint to bring the doors to suit the book cover a little more.
You can compare with the picture above what I changed -  kept the 'shading' while painting the gold,  put in some black pen definition and then painted with the blue

The one thing I kept being bothered by was that the doors looked 'cut-off' down the bottom 
and no matter how I tried to rearrange them with embellishments...
they were still plain 'cut-off-short' looking!
Rectified that.... with a chipboard add-on...

Now painted, and with some embellishing to cover the join, 
it looks much better elongated!
These embellishments are just 'sitting' there, not stuck down...
hmmn...havent finished with them yet.

With some Dimensional Magic, coated the pine tree and the holly and berries.
Finished off with a bright glitter star, a bow, some gold lace and the wording -
it takes the focus off where the bottom of the doors were joined.
Then touched up the paint too.
Some little gold numbering on the door becomes the year.

Now to the 'Companion' to the December Daily
(30 days of lists)

It came like this:
Isnt it just like the title says!

This one is the 'no fuss' everyday-running lists about what directly affects me in planning and thoughts, organising family and tying in friends for everything that the
Christmas season encompasses.
So NO fuss is the operative word!
(I might need reminding!!!!)

This little book has a simple cover:

Next is pre-planning the 'Companion' book all the way through to its end...
And waiting for December 1st for the December Daily book (not pre-preparing that one)

This 'experiment' sure will be interesting..
and if you want to know more about my preparation post and
'30 days of lists' links

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bec's Preparation for Project Life Style........................

Here is the preparation I am taking for my December Daily 2014.

With these bits. 
Doesn't look like much of an album does it?

Some papers and some chipboard..............

Oh! And one of these......

That's right! I'm making my album from scratch, very much like I used to do with all my previous December Daily's (except last year when I used a pre-made album)

I decided again to make my own album for the challenge, but also to have the shape and size that I wanted. The store brought ones are great, but I wanted to see if I could do it AND tailor it to my
needs and wants in an album. Plus, I found some awesome red timber paper to make a 'door' looking album.  It all fell into place and perfect to just make my own.

These are the main yummy goodies I will be playing with in my album.
I'm going to try and stick with the Gold, Kraft, White and touches of red with jute/twine and natural timber patterns. 

With some pre-made cards that I will alter/embellish (maybe) and cards cut down from the
Teresa Collins, Bo Bunny and Kaisercraft papers.

My papers, stickers, cards and pocket pages are all kept in this tub, all in the one place.
It's easier to find and work from.

 And embellishments, tape, sequins and ink pads are kept in this bowl for quick access.

 I can't wait to get started!!!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Deb's December Daily Art Journal Plans.

This year I am doing my December Daily in a 'Dylusions Creative Journal'.  The plan is not to get too weighed down in heavy mixed media pages (we'll see what happens there  lol), although I do want to have a play with different techniques, either ones I have used before or new ones I want to try out.  Most of all I want it to be achievable - a small creative journal (5x8) with easy fun pages.

and the inside ........ (I'm sure the envelope will come in very handy too)

For most days, I will use a double page and as this journal has more pages than I will need for December, I plan on including some random Christmas related pages throughout the album eg. a Christmas song, a quote, a childhood memory, a recipe and certainly still be including photos but there will be days I'd like to try to create things about my day in an "arty" sort of way with no photo.  Now, I'm no artist but I'm really looking forward to trying this out this year.

At the moment, my desk is looking pretty clean but it won't stay that way for long.  Last year, like Mandy, Julie and Bec,  I had all my chosen papers and embellishments collected together in a box to work from.  That's not really going to work for me this year as I don't plan on using much in the way of papers or embellishments.

So, come the 1st December, out will come the gesso, mists, paints, watercolours, stamps and anything else that might work on my pages.  Certainly there will be some up-cycling happening too I would imagine.
A very different December Daily for me........
Last year I did pastels and this year I plan to brighten things up a little.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Julie's December Daily 2014 Vision

For my 2104 album, I decided quite a few months ago, to use a chipboard 6x6 American Crafts album picked up for $2 at a scrappy garage sale. As the album has a red fabric spine, I'll to try to stick to red, white and kraft with touches of black as much as possible. I also managed to get some Kaisercraft 'North Pole' embellishments and these (minus the blue and green) teamed with some other bits and pieces from my stash are now piled into a pizza box just waiting to be played with.  

Here's the raw cover and some of the yummies I'm planning to use on it.

And here is a small sample of  my overflowing December Daily pizza box.

I can't wait to share with you my fabric covered album soon!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mandy: Preparation- Altered Vintage Books

Here's the start to what has been in the planning since last year...(in my head lol)
altering a vintage book - and in blue! For some reason that thought stuck at the end of creating last years December Daily to now - and am so happy how it's falling into place.
I have a favourite pre-loved books online store that I absolutely love love love!
 Brotherhood of St Laurence Books (here in Australia) very inexpensive! (a charity organisation)
So in the search box I typed 'Blue Cloth'  and it brought up all the blue cloth covers in the store which of course are hard covers, then weedled down to how many pages each had and anything up to 120pages is great:) 

So imagine my delight when this one turned up! 
And with 91 pages!  Beyond thrilled!

So merrily thinking away, picturing how this book will turn out, how I'd do the covers, how I'd probably stick two pages together to reinforce them even though this 1929 book possesses thick quality paper for its pages.... and still thinking what else when I happened across 
'30 lists of days'!
and for December! 
To explain: in my previous December Daily's, there is very little about me, typically I do all the photographing and proudly present Christmas along with my family - but its lucky if I get in one of the photos for the whole month...  not that I want my December Daily to be about me - but it makes me think what snippets I might not be leaving behind in the future.... 
What '30 lists of days' achieves is a no-fuss, everyday the page turns to make a list of what's to be done, or thoughts, or a stapled photo to represent what each day means directly to me. So, I need another little book (or you could choose any album genre) and no-fuss being the operative word!  
Then I thought:.... do I need to just do this little book and no December Daily?..... weeeeell that thought lasted a micro-second - that's just plain silly because what if I ended up not liking the '30 lists of days' and end up with NO December Daily!
Mind was made up! 
 This year, I'm going to do both together and see how I feel about it at the end.  An experiment! I'm not so mad (in my defense) - because at the beginning of December each year my work breaks until February (I'm the boss lol) - so do have time to give this a go....

So born is what I'm going to call 
'The Companion to the December Daily'

And trusty Brotherhood of Books coughed this little blue book up from its coffers too!
 I couldnt believe the title and only 90 pages!
And will be completely pre-prepared by Dec 1st.

They will be worked together!
And it will either work a treat - or never to be repeated again LOL!

Arent they special!

Okay with all that explained...
This is some of what I expect to work with:
A total joy to set out!

Now some links for you....

Brotherhood of Books 
(If you order 3 or more books, postage is free - and delivery is super speedy!!!)
(Australian book store)

30/31 Days of Lists:

There are propably many more but these links inspired me totally to give it a go
And maybe you might be one who doesnt have time or the inclination to do a full December Daily?
Maybe doing a 'December Book of Lists' might be the answer?

Most of all - have fun!