WE'RE DOING DECEMBER! Whether you pre-plan your December Daily or create as you go along in the Christmas month; make your own covers or decorate ready-made ones, use Project Life style with plastic sleeves and pockets or create your own pages. Maybe you havent made one before and ask 'I cant think what I'd fill a page with everyday?' We'll help with that! Whatever your style we'd love to see it! Here you will find a seasonal blog open from 1st November to 31st January each year. We hope that this will become a wonderful resource of sharing, prompts and inspiration.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Bec's PL Style ..... Days 11 - 14.5..........

Well, well, well!! Isn't December just flying by!?
Here are my pages for
Days 11, 12 & 13.

Day 11
Tinsel hadn't moved much for 2 days and we were starting to worry. But she sent a letter to Montana with photos of what she has been up to and why she has been so tired and not moved.
She had been sneaking into work with me and causing havoc making a mess and moving things from their places. Here she is in the ribbon basket.

 Day 12
 I was very busy making bon bons for our Family Christmas on the 14th. So I took a photo of the bon bons in the box ready to go and set up on the table.
I didn't have any photos for the 14th so I wrote on a tag and stuck it on a 6x4 card. On the tag I wrote what I love about Christmas.

Day 14
Our Family Christmas

Photos of the little chocolates I wrapped with scrapbooking paper to co ordinate with the table decorations.

A surprise visit from my Nan from Queensland meant that I could get all the great photos of her with my mum preparing all the food.
The other photo is of the festive spirit my parents dogs get into for Christmas. 

I have to take photos of the table, the decorations and the food. I made the trifle so I had to document that. 

The gorgeous Christmas Tree of my parents, out on the back deck with all the presents.
And then gift giving time. I take a lot of photos on Christmas. Especially the gift giving part. 

As I've said, I DO take A LOT of photos at events and celebrations and I love to use all of them to document with. I struggle trying to cull down to a fair size.
So in saying that, this was our Christmas, which was a big day and event. Especially to have my Nan being able to join us. I took A LOT of photos.
So I have split this day, (day 14) into 2 lots of posts.
The rest of the day will feature in my next post.
We would love to see how your December Daily pages are coming along.  
You can share them with us HERE.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Deb's Day 10 - 19

Well it's all getting very close now.  Hope everyone is all ready for Christmas.  

I'm still very much enjoying the making of my December Daily and would like to share some more pages with you.   We would love to see your December Daily creations.......HERE.

DAY 10
After stamping the entire page, it was then painted over with a yellow Inktense block.  I love these - just wet the brush, rub onto the block and paint away.  Then came the heart outline and that was painted with a red Inktense block.  The "hands" were traced onto some baking paper painted with white acrylic.  This was as far as the page was going but just had to include the super cute and "very special to me" drawings done by my grandchildren.  Note the angry looking Santa is apparently looking at his "who's been naughty" list.   lol

DAY 11 

Some old story book paper and a diecut were glued down well ,  the corners stamped and a "scratchy" stamp was then used all over.  Then I went over it all with a white wash (watered down gesso).  I altered the photo to match the scratchy weathered background.  
For the word "tradition" - I added strips of washie tape to some scrap cardstock and drew the word onto it with permanent pen and cut out the letters.  

added the white wash..... 

strips of washie tape over some scrap cardstock.........

DAY 12
Painted a stormy sky  and when that had dried,  sprayed with mist and let it drip down the page.  After the photo was added I continued the drips over the photo. 

DAY 13
Sprayed and splatted with 3 different coloured mists, mopped it up with some paper towel and then used this paper towel to make some arrows.  I was a little worried that the machine stitching would tear the paper towel but using a very small stitch worked fine. 

DAY 14
The background was painted black and then sprinkled with glitter while still wet.  When it had dried I stamped on the stars and date using white paint. 
The houses were cut on the Big Shot and some paper put in behind the windows and kindy glitz added for sparkle.   
The three houses on the right are glued together at their sides and then attached to the page only on the outer sides and bottom to form a pocket for some photos.   Felt pens were used for the lights around the border.  I used these same colours to  colour some cardstock  and used a hole punch for the lights strung across the houses.

and then looking at the Christmas lights prompted me to do another in-betweener.........remember THIS bit of pre-planning I did.

Well this is how it looks now..............
Simply by painting the page with white gesso, stamped with red poinsettas and outlined them in black, glued down the prepared deli paper sheet and painted around the edge with the same green mist I had used for splatters on the deli paper.

White gesso base, stamped with red and outlined in black.......

Then it was onto DAY 15.
I used up some old alphas for the word "decoration" glued down securely and painted over with gesso.  Then dry brushed (loaded the brush with paint and then wiped most of it off on a paper towel and brushed over the page so that the majority of the paint touched the high parts - the alphas) over them when the gesso was dry.  Used a few different colours here.  
I did a photo collage of our tree decorations and then cut the photo into a tree shape and stamped some presents under the tree and used water colour pencils to colour them and the border. 

a mix of old alphas......... 

DAY 16
was an experiment with canvas , as I had never tried mists on it before.  So sprayed with the mists then with water, the colours really blended into each other.  Painted around the edge of the pages in black, cut the canvas to fit and glued onto my pages for the background.  I popped a piece of masking tape down the centre of the page as I may have just cut the canvas a little bit too small.
I also used Mandy's idea of attaching some transparency to the page on the right.

including a small piece of transparency..............

DAY 17
was hot so I had a go at drawing a melting snowman.  Now I have never seen nor touched snow in real life, but I decided to add texture paste to the snowman's body.  When it was dry I painted over it with white acrylic along with the sun in yellow and his hat in black.  The sky and grass are done with Inktense blocks. I've rubbed some crystal kindy glitz over him but it's not showing up so well.

my outline to guide the addition of the texture paste.........

DAYS 18 & 19
I decided to do both these days over the one open page.  Day 18 was much the same as the previous day only Mr. Snowman had melted a little more.   
Every year, in my December Daily I like to include a photo copy of a docket from at least one grocery shop in December.  Someone might be interested later down the years at the cost of these things.  So Day 19 - a little pocket (to hold the grocery docket) was made from a scrap of deli paper I had played around with a while back.  Although you can't see much of the background now that the page is completed, I have used torn strips from grocery catalogues to add texture before painting over with gesso and then adding some mists. 

I hope you are all enjoying creating your December Dailys.  

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Julie's Day 7-11

An in-between page...
A 'Midsummer Night's Dream' was Asher's end of year drama club production and wanted to include it in my Dec Daily. I have tried to recreate the stage background of sorts on the intro page. We had flower vines hanging down the back of the stage so that it looked like a forest.

I played around with Deb's background idea on one of her previous pages and included the words of my favorite line of Asher's in the show.

And a small photo of her up on stage.
I have these two pages in my album back to back and have created a pocket for a copy of the program and my tickets.

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9
Is in two parts. My day and Asher's day. 
Here is my day out of the album and in the album as I did some embellishing on the insert.
Out of the album

In the album

Asher's day


Here is how I altered my insert.

After trimming down an insert sheet to get a small one I was left with two joined inserts. One pocket with no sealed edge and no place for the holes to add into my album.

I cut two strips of paper: the first 2 inches wide and the other 1 inch wide to the length I needed and scored them in half.

I used the 1 inch strip to seal up the cut edge and the other one as my spine piece.

Day 10
A rough day where I was on the verge of tears. I didn't get to take a photo used a photo from facebook that several of my fellow Autism group friends had posted in memory of a little boy taken too early. This page is probably the one and only one that I will stray away from my colour theme.

Day 11
 Lots of paint to create a background for my banner.

We would love to see how your December Daily pages are coming along.  
You can share them with us HERE.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Mandy's 7th - 13th


Used a very dark brown gelato, and some inks for the background.
The little blue stars are cut from a piece of  very inexpensive Christmas chiffon fabric that caught my eye and the result is a great little embellishment.  Tip is to keep an eye out for fabrics, they can often serve as a wonderful alternative and something different from scrappy products.

Day 8
Underneath the photo on the left, I've used a negative strip of star music paper left over from punching out little stars. By placing a piece of blue seam binding underneath, it helps for the negative image to stand out and another way to create an effective embellishment.

Day 9
Two clear transparent frames were created here to become full page sequin shakers.

 Cut some frames, and clear transparencies to size

Sew (or glue) the frames to the transparencies

Then sewed the photo on the outside of the frame (there's a reason for this)

One of the things we dont want is for the sequins to get stuck under the photo, or congregate there so the effect of the shaker page is lost.  So it's a matter of spreading out the sequins first to the surrounds of the photo. Then glue the underside area of the transparency where only the photo sits ...(and the outside frame) and press down over the top of the carefully placed sequins on the page. Then the sequins are restriced to the outside area of the photo can shake all around it.

Day 10

Day 11
Using some hung tags can be effective

Day 12
The products on this page have been sent by Lee-Anne at Scrap Therapy...fabulous Teresa Collins range of Tinsel and Co.  The paper background  - white cardstock and 'Stars Paper' and the gorgeous little tag is '20 Emphemera Tags'  Alpa and words are 'Alpha & Label Stickers'.
 I'm totally in love with the sequins.. love the stars (below), but also the oversize round ones that come with the stars in gold, white gold and red..
And how fabby is the green trim for my shelves  found here  I actually ironed it flatter so closing the book would sit a bit better.

Day 13
On the right, an inexpensive Christmas trim has been used as a background....
I've drawn a bit of a curly frame underneath it.


30 Days of Lists

Day 7
Cant quite see the day number as the newpaper clipping is covering it.
Here I've added in a couple of newspaper clippings on 'Nutcracker' glued back and front so it acts as a foldout

 Day 8
Here I cut out a picture from the packaging of Paige's new curtains for her bedroom along with the retail price - except - I got them half price - something worthy to be scrapped since I bought four pairs!

Day 9
A Christmas advertisment added

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12
After bringing in the last lot of decorations, a tiny piece of branch fell off-
 perfect to stick in here!

Day 13

So glad I pre-prepared this little book!


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